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10 African Countries with the most Beautiful Ladies

Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder but true beauty lies in the eyes of all. Talk of beauty and one thing is certain, Africa is one continent which really has lots of them but the question is, which country really has lots of them?

A look at the 10 African countries with some really beautiful is what we look at today.


Sitting comfortably at #1 on this highly esteemed and coveted list is Ethiopia. This is in fact one of the easiest decisions. Ethiopia is full of stunning ladies. There is not much to say about this city and its gorgeous women, just visit. Ethiopia is the African country with the most beautiful women. Do you agree?


Kenyan women are amazing and very romantic. if you are looking for a woman who is beautiful, independent, hard working and a social life aficionado, and you don’t mind her taking little more sip of alcohol than you, then visit Kenya and find your dream woman.

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In-addition to the Kenyan sensation, Kenyan women are bootylicious, tall, ebony skin tone and very jovial.


As a single man, if you have not visited Ivory Coast, please do. Women from Ivory Coast have all it takes to make a man feel good in bed. They are the best in twerking.


No list of Africa beauty is ever complete with-out the gold coast. Also famed for their bed room skills, height, ebony skin tone and most importantly bootylicious which is a universal African passport.

Ghanaian ladies are very respectful, they don’t brag, they are good listeners and also not so money minded, they value the relationship more than a fat bank account. Nonetheless this is a trait not applicable to all Ghanaian woman, a common stereotype is that the Ashanti and Krobo women love money.


Angola is more like a little Brazil full of exotic women of different texture. Angolans are chocolate Scados. In all seriousness they have regular facial proportions & noble features. A few Angola women are super models, that’s no accident. Brazilians are also stereotyped to have a high average of ‘beautiful people but the difference is that, most Angolans are 100% naturally beautiful, unlike Brazil that has a very high amount of plastic surgery.

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Tanzanian women are famed for their beauty, homemaking and bedroom skills. If you are looking for a proper beautiful woman to take back home and introduce to your parents then Tanzania is where you should look.

 Meanwhile, Be spiritually strong before you embark on the curiosity visit to Tanzania for the simple reasons of what your eyes could see, otherwise you could perhaps be consumed helplessly to the lust of your imagination.


Nigerian women are famed for there bootylious nature and fertility. Between the 1970s and 2014 Nigeria has tripped in population, making it Africa’s most populous nation. if you want a beautiful African woman who will give you lots of beautiful babies, then Nigerian is your destination. Have you had a taste of a Nigerian woman?

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Well, Egypt has lots of beautiful women even though, some of them are hidden behind shrouds because of religion. The ancient country of Egypt houses many of the most beautiful women in the world.


South Africa has got to count for something, right? Many faces gracing various runways, TVs and magazines are from South Africa, many from Johannesburg. If you have ever been to the great country, being in #8 won’t be a surprise to you.

From their Behind which is an African Passport , to their amazing typical African facial features.


Congo is our list as well with one of the countries with one of the most beautiful ladies as well and they make it in our top 10 as well,

What’s your thought on this? Share your view by commenting below.


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