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4,000 Reasons why Manchester United Might Never Beat Barcelona

We are always made to believe anything is possible when it comes to football. But indeed there are certain things which don’t need any sorcerer to clarify issues and one of them has to do with Manchester United beating Barcelona to qualify for the next round of the UEFA Champions League. That simply won’t happen!

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Anyway, before the Manchester United fans begin to roast me alive whiles the Barcelona fans I’m sure are beginning to warm themselves into this post already, let me, first of all, thank Sportskeeda for giving this massive platform to express myself. I’m praying this post of mine gets posted on time and must not get to the side of any Manchester United editor. Amen!

Let me get back to business as always and of course, the issue on board has to do with the fact one Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe is saying he has 4,000 reasons why Manchester United might never beat Barcelona in this Champions League and of course the next 90 years Champions League to come if…

If what! if what!! I’m sure the Manchester United supporters are already shouting. Okay, if this-this how… let me start with my first point.

1.If Ed Woodward is still steering the affairs of Manchester United

I guess you might be wondering what the f*ck is wrong with this guy? Ed Woodward doesn’t play football. Relax, let me explain my point. The investment banker acting as the now vice chairman of Manchester United is the number reason why Manchester United wouldn’t be making it in the Champions League. He sees the team more or less like a financial institution and of course any financial institution must be able to channel out profit and that’s the fate of Manchester United now.

With Woodward in the helms of affairs, the team is now very much concern in raking in cash instead of trophies, therefore, coughing out a huge amount to buy big players don’t seem to be on his radar. This I guess might have brought the issue between him and Jose Mourinho.

While the latter believed he needed an astute centre back, the former thinks the likes of Smalling and Lindelof are enough to win the league and Champions League. Mourinho left them at 6th position and they are still 6th.

Pumping in money into teams is now the order of the day and this is something Manchester City and Juventus are doing and of course, it has really made them competitive. Liverpool of all teams now believe in such policy as well and now has the world’s most expensive defender in Van Dijk and he is delivering. If you indeed want quality, then you to spend.

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