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4,000 Reasons why Manchester United Might Never Beat Barcelona

2. Smalling, Baily and Lindelof will Need Heavenly Support

Talk of defence to stop Messi and the likes and it appears Manchester United need to rely on the likes of Smalling, Bailey and Lindelof. As for the old Ashley Young, the least said about him the better. Dalot too is too young to stop the likes of Dembele and the likes from the wings. This alone is enough for Manchester United to seek heavenly support to be able to withstand the sort of pressure which might be coming in their folds. I guess they might need emergency support as the sort of ‘hurricane’ likely to be found in their fold wouldn’t be an easy thing to deal with not even their almighty goalkeeper David De Gea.

He has been by far their best player this season but the truth of the matter is that their best has so far conceded more than 42 goals alone this season in the league against Ter Stegen’s 31 and with his team on top of the summit of their league.

And so as far as away observer and someone who sees things as they are, a miracle or better put, heavenly support is of course what the likes Smalling needs to stop the ‘roaring lions’ with in-form Messi.

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