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4,000 Reasons why Manchester United Might Never Beat Barcelona

3. You Can’t Rely on an Inconsistent Lukaku and Rashford.

Just as everyone thought Lukaku has outlived his usefulness at Manchester United, he came in with a banger against an inconsistent Paris St. Germain. And I guess that’s the only hope for Manchester United have now. The hope for a better Lukaku and the best out of Rashford. But why should that be the case for arguably the most successful club in England?

The reality on the ground is the fact Messi’s numbers in terms of goals against even English oppositions is really impressive and can send shivers down the spine of any opposition in the world including Real Madrid I guess.

What Manchester United obviously needs to understand has to do with the fact that to beat Barcelona right now, it doesn’t take the likes of inconsistent forwards like Lukaku and Rashford to bring in that magic. A lot must be involved and this, of course, brings in my first point with regards to Woodward needing to invest the more in the team and not to be thinking of only profits. United is simply a team for trophies and not profits. This is indeed something I believe many United fans will agree with me.

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