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4,000 Reasons why Manchester United Might Never Beat Barcelona

4. Ole’s Tactics and United’s Bench are Questionable

As I bring to an end of my 4,000 reasons why Manchester United might never beat Barcelona let me first state categorically that I don’t see how Ole is really going to win this game with the sorts of tactics he deploys anytime he plays.

Let me clarify issues here though; each point is worth 1,000 and so clearly if I’m on the fourth point now and so it obviously means I have sincerely done justice to the 4,000 reasons I stated in my headlines. Hahaha! Or?

Good, let once again move back to business as usual, talk of tactics and you will realize Ole lacks in them big time. When the likes of Wolves and PSG at Old Trafford were walloping United, it was obvious the manager didn’t know what to do.

I don’t blame him that much though because if you need to rely on the likes of Sanchez to change the outcome of your game then obviously you will be confused as a manager. A player who has simply forgotten how to play football ever since he started taking in huge paycheck with his move from Arsenal and with him sitting on your bench and expecting him to come on to change the outcome of the game when the going gets tough is like asking Messi to join Real Madrid or simply leave Barcelona. It’s never going to happen.

The bench of United is nothing to write home about and of course, this is something I guess Ole knows. Any good team has a solid bench with players who come on to always change the outcome of the game when the going gets tough.

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