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The 10 most expensive things in the world.

6. Most Expensive Music Videos- $7 million.

According to Forbes, the duet of Michael Jackson and his sister Janet Jackson in the 1995 hit music video, “Scream” is still the most expensive music video of all time. It cost $7 million to create in 1995, which is around $10.8 million in the present market. Its CGI, and not its dance moves, defined the music video clip. Mark Romanek directed the video. This video won awards at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards in the category of ‘Best Short Form Music Video’.

5. Most Expensive Domain Names – $90 million

Talk of domain names and this is something which shouldn’t cost more than $20 for registration but the reality is; some domain names are more valuable than gold hence tend to cost millions of dollars and the kingpin of all domains when it comes to expensive is which was bought for $90 million.

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