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The 10 most expensive things in the world.

4. Most Expensive Films- $378.5 million

“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” starring Johnny Depp & Penelope Cruz is a fantasy film and the fourth part of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. The estimated budget of the film was $378.5 million. Walt Disney Pictures produced it and released it in the US in 2011. The latest procedure of filming, inflation and external market forces have played major impact on the finance of film production. ‘On Stranger Tides’ also broke many box office records upon release.

3. Most Expensive Home- $1 billion

Indian industrialist ‘Mukesh Ambani’, chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd owns Antilia. According to Forbes, this is the most expensive home in the world. The construction cost of this private home is around $1 billion. It named after a mythical island of the same name in the Atlantic Ocean.  Managed by 600-member staff, the twenty-seven story house has an area of 37,161 square meters. The design of Antilia makes it sturdy enough to survive an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 and contains three helicopter pads along with a parking space for 160 cars. Chicago-based architects Perkins and Will designed this luxurious home.

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