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The Most Expensive Number Plates in the World

Talk of cars and you are guaranteed they are very much likely to come along with some interesting features hence pushing the the price tags up. But what’s so special about number plates which some cost more than ten times the value of some cars they find themselves on.

Relax and let have a look at the most expensive number plates in the world and I am very much you will be shocked with regards to how expensive some of them cost. I am sure you wouldn’t be surprised with regards to where most of the these expensive number can be found as Dubai is prevalent in the list.

Let begin;

1. “1” – £7 Million

The name Saeed Abdul Ghaffer Khouri might not be popular on the lips of many but what we all need to understand is the fact that when it comes to the custodian of the world’s most expensive number, he is the man holding that title and of course it came at cost of seven million pounds.

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He is an Emirati billionaire and owns lots and lots of luxury cars even though he didn’t state which of the cars he was going to fix the number plate but one thing is of course certain the name Saeed is synonymous to world’s most expensive number plate.

His reason for spending such a huge amount is something on his number 1 plate is because he believes ”1” is the best.

2. “5” – £3.5 Million

Talal Ali Mohammed Khoury created a record when he paid a sky rocket price for buying the number plate with the digit “5” making it the second most expensive plate ever bought. In the same auction he also paid an inflated amount again to purchase another plate with the digit “55”. He then mentioned that the digits had no special significance to him. Just like Saeed, he is also an Emirati. One will wonder why the people of United Arab Emirates tend to spend a fortunate on their number plates. Will answer the question some other time.

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3. “F1” – £440,000

This number plate is bought by Yorkshire based car tuning tycoon Afzal Khan who has it registered onto his Mercedes SLR McLaren. He left behind Mike McCoombs previous records of purchasing this plate. He adds that this number plate is worth ten times the amount he has paid to acquire it; hence he does not regret the amount of money he has invested in it.

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4. “M1” – £330,000

M1, one of the most sought-after UK registration numbers, set a new world record price for a car number plate when it sold for £300,000 at Bonhams’ Goodwood Festival of Speed sale of Sports, Competition and Collectors’ Motor Cars and Automobilia on July 7.

The winner, a private bidder from the North West of England, is rumoured to have bought the registration for his six-year-old son via a telephone bid.

5. “VIP 1” – £285,000

Completing our top 5 most expensive number plates in the world is that of ”VIP 1” owned by no other person than the man Abrahimovich . The Russian billionaire and owner of Chelsea Football Club coughed more than two hundred thousand pounds to secure that number plate hence making his car stand out when billionaires meet.

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