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Top 10 Reasons why it’s better to be a Woman

I’m very much sure already the men are groaning at this post. Why being a woman is far better than a man? I guess these are some of the numerous questions been asked and that’s the main reason why this post is here to address it.

A look at the top 10 reasons it’s far better to be a woman is what we are obviously going to have a look at.

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1. Longer Life Span

If there is one thing women are very much good at, it’s their ability to live for a very long time. I guess this is something science is yet to find an answer to.

Women obviously tend to have a very long life span and it cut across all the the world and so you see why it’s better to be a woman?

2. Women Can Cry If They Want To

If there is one thing women at liberty to do, it has to do with the fact they can cry wherever they want to; be it in public or private. They can just pour their emotions out whenever they feel but for a man to do so, he is considered less manly and I guess this is something men wish they could.

3. Ladies’ Nights

It appears one of the best things about been a lady has to do with deciding to go with other ladies to the club. You can enjoy some of the best drinks at at half the price or basically for free. Most clubs have what the call ‘Free for Ladies’. Men tend to pay whiles the ladies enter for free.

4. Women Can Use Makeup

A woman’s ugliness can be covered with makeup whiles a man who is ugly is just considered ugly for life. Women can just transform their looks by just attaching some ‘powders’ to their faces and the next moment they are looking like ‘Miss Universe’

5. More Clothes to Choose From

When it comes to fashion, women are obviously on top of the world. All fashion lines targets them and of course it isn’t any fluke why women tend to top when it comes to fashion. It’s just that they aren’t mostly limited to T-shirts and trousers.

Women just have access to more fashion choices and they just have to exercise their discretion which they do at it best.

6. Childbirth

When it comes to bringing forth another human, women are the only vessels who can do that. I do think without them, none of us will be here.

7. No Baldness

If there is one thing which makes women really special, it has to do with the fact they don’t suffer from baldness. I’m yet to see any woman in the world suffering from baldness. It just doesn’t happen to them.

I’m sure all the bald men wish they were women because having bald isn’t cool at all. You can ask those bald men.

8.They Can See More Complex Colours

One unique characteristics of women is that, they can see beyond the colour blue. They see more complex colours compared to men who when you trust with your decoration works can end in disaster.

9.Great Communication Skills

Have you for once asked yourself why most women act as communication officers? They are just good at it.

10. Ladies First

In the event of an emergency women and children are saved first, which makes chances of survival much higher.

Also there’s the nice societal practice of holding doors for ladies and other courtesy extended to women.  Just another great perk of being a woman in today’s society.

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