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The 10 Richest Cities in the World

We today have a look at the 10 richest cities in the world and interestingly it appears some two countries seem to be dominant in the list.

10. Shanghai, China

GDP: $516.5 billion
Area: 6,340.5 square kilometers
Population: 23,019,148

A very significant city which makes the top ten of the richest of the richest cities in the world is Shanghai. Many mistake it as the capital of China because of it popularity and the richness it boasts of but it’s not the capital of China; Beijing is.

9. Moscow, Russia

GDP: $520.1 billion
Area: 2,510 square kilometers
Population: 11,503,501

The Russian capital is in our list with a GDP of more than $500 billion as well. A look at the richest cities in the world wouldn’t be complete without it. The city boasts of a huge of fraction of the country’s food supply,steel,minerals and chemicals.

8. Chicago, USA

GDP: $524.6 billion
Area: 606.1 square kilometers
Population: 2,707,120

The first U.S city appearing on the list is Chicago and it s appearing the the eighth position with more than $500 billion as well. It’s one city which really boasts of all the major NFL’s teams but I guess there is more to it as well.

7. Osaka, Japan

GDP: $654.8 billion
Area: 552.26 square kilometers
Population: 1,545,410

Another great city which is seen as one of the richest cities in the world is that of Osaka which can be found in Japan. It’s one city which has lots of industries and a major tourists destination because of it rich history.

6. Paris, France

GDP: $669.2 billion
Area: 105.4 square kilometers
Population: 10,413,386

I think so far, Paris is the city with one huge population making the list of the richest cities in the world. With its 10 million population and a combined GDP of more than $600 million, it comes in 6th on the list of 10 which is indeed a remarkable achievement.

5. London, England

GDP: $731.2 billion
Area: 1,570 square kilometers
Population: 8,173,194

The capital of the Great Britain is in the list as well. London with a population of a little over 8 million people has a combined GDP of more than $700 billion. That’s more than 20 African countries combined together.

4. Seoul, South Korea

GDP: $779.3 billion
Area: 605.21 square kilometers
Population: estimated 10 million

The capital of South Korea; Seoul is of making the list and it’s at fourth position. The home of Samsung and other major brands in the world is what I believe has made Seoul what it is today.

3. Los Angeles, USA

GDP: $789.7 billion
Area: 1,302 square kilometers
Population: 3,792,621

It appears we have a second U.S city on the list and that’s Los Angeles. With less than 4 million population, it has close to more than $800 billion GDP and that is of course really huge.

2. New York, USA

GDP: $1.2 trillion
Area: 1,213square kilometers
Population: 8,244,910

The Big Apple. The City that never sleeps. If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, or so that old Frank Sinatra hit goes. New York boasts of a GDP of more than $1 trillion making it the second richest cities in the world.

1. Tokyo, Japan

GDP: $1.52 trillion
Area: 2,187.6 square kilometers
Population: 13,185,502

Wow! Tokyo is one top of the list when it comes to the richest cities in the world. The capital of Japan is what we are referring to.

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