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10 Shortest Marriages Ever

Talk of marriage and it’s of the sacred things in the world. It’s all about love and joy and tend to bring families together. The worst which mostly happens in marriage is divorce but have you for once imagined some of the world’s shortest marriages ever in the world?

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Let have a look at the 10 shortest marriages ever in the world and this post has been made possible by

1.The man who divorced his wife within seconds of marrying her

In 2012, a Dubai man divorced his wife within seconds of marrying her. Immediately after the ceremony, the man ducked out of the courtroom where the wedding occurred, and into another nearby courtroom and divorced her.

His reason? Abdul Salam Darweesh, director of the family rehabilitation and guidance section at Dubai’s court, explains: “The groom said that his bride’s father made a condition that his daughter must keep her job after marriage and that he accepted this condition because he was too embarrassed to say no….he said that he had thought the problem was sorted out with his bride but that she insisted on keeping her job.

2. The television host who cheated on his bride at his bachelor party

In 2004, television host and Saved By The Bell alum Mario Lopez marriage to model/actressAli Landry lasted a mere two weeks. What broke them up?

Apparently, Lopez’s rampant cheating.

In 2011, he admitted to at least one indiscretion on the Howard Stern show during his bachelor party in Mexico. He elaborated a bit on the fling: “It was spring break….everybody was hanging out. That was a situation where I was not mature and man enough.” After learning of her new husband’s indiscretions, Landry had the marriage annulled.

An older and wiser Lopez is now married and is father to two children. Laundry is happily married as well and is mother to three kids.

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