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10 Things Michael Jackson Almost Did

The king of pop is no more but it appears he still lives on as he is seen as one of the most earning dead celebrities in the world overtaking Bob Marley. But these 10 things Michael Jackson almost did will either make you laugh or leave your mouth wide open.

This post has been made possible because of and of course ought to be credited. Now let have a look at the 10 things Michael Jackson almost did.

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10. He Almost Bought The Skeleton Of The Elephant Man


For the uninitiated, the Elephant Man’s real name was Joseph Carey Merrick. He was called the Elephant Man due to the abnormal growth of his bones and skull, which left him seriously disfigured.

Born on August 5, 1862, Merrick was normal until age five, when strange growths started appearing on his body. He later took up work as a freak, displaying himself to anyone willing to pay until he was taken to London Hospital, where he remained until his death on April 11, 1890. Merrick’s skeleton has been at the London Hospital Medical College since his death. The skeleton fascinated Michael Jackson, who even visited the hospital twice just to see it.

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Jackson later submitted a bid to the London Hospital Medical College, requesting to purchase Merrick’s skeleton. The hospital turned down the offer, insisting that Merrick’s skeleton was not for sale. That didn’t deter Jackson, who simply doubled his initial bid and offered $1 million for the skeleton.

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