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What Names Are Banned in Different Countries Around the World?


In this country, baby names have to be traditionally Portuguese, indicate the gender of the baby, and not sound like a nickname. In order to make it easier for parents to find appropriate names, there is a special list of names they can use.

Banned names: Nirvana, Viking, Jimmy, Rihanna, Sayonara


In Germany, you can’t just give a name to a child. First, a special local organization has to approve the name. Here, all words that could have a negative impact on the well-being of children are banned. In addition, a name should identify the gender clearly. You cannot use the names of foods, last names, or the names of objects.

Banned names: Adolf Hitler, Usama Bin Ladin, Woodstock, Gramophone


A name can be chosen from an approved list that contains 18,000 female and 15,000 male names. If you want to give your child a different name, you will need to get approval first. The name should indicate the gender and comply with the language rules of the country.

  • Banned names: Ape, Pluto, Cammmilla (yes, with 3 Ms), Ashleiy (yes, spelled like this)and Jacobp

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