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What Names Are Banned in Different Countries Around the World?


The list of banned names from this country contains titles, numbers, colors, vegetables, fruits, devices, and bad words. If parents still want to give their child a name in one of those categories, they need to get approval.

  • Banned names: Stinky Head, Hitler, 007, Hunchback


Here you can’t give a one-letter name or a name that is “obviously inappropriate” and can lead to discomfort for the person.

Banned names: Elxis, Allahu Akbar, K8lyn


In Switzerland, just like in Germany, a special organization needs to approve the name first. You can’t use last names, the names of Biblical villains, brands, or geographical places. You can’t give girls’ names to boys and vice versa. And all shocking and laughable names are also banned.

  • Banned names: Cain, Judas, Brooklyn, Chanel, Mercedes, Paris

Great Britain

In Great Britain, there are no laws that control names, however, bad words, numbers, titles, and also names that are impossible to pronounce can’t be given to children.

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