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What Names Are Banned in Different Countries Around the World?

New Zealand

Names that could hurt someone, that have more than 100 characters, and the ones that are reminiscent of titles and brands cannot be used. For example, the name Justice cannot be used.

  • Banned names: “.”, Fat Guy, Lucifer, Jesus Christ, Saint, Chief Maximus, 4real, Mafia No Fear


In the past, in China, it was prohibited to use the name of the ruling Emperor for a child. Today, all the bans are connected with the language: the Chinese language has 70,000 characters but not all of them can be read by a computer. Children’s names are limited to characters which are machine readable.


In Mexico, names that can lead to problems in the future are banned. Also, the names of fake characters can’t be used.

  • Banned names: Hermione, Burger King, Robocop, Twitter, Christmas, E-mail, Circumcision, Lady Di, Underwear, Pocahontas, Spinach

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