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What Names Are Banned in Different Countries Around the World?


In Morocco, foreign names chosen by parents can be banned. For example, the name Sarah is banned because of the foreign spelling, but Sara won’t cause any trouble and can be used.


Since 2017, in Russia, it has been prohibited to name children with numbers, symbols that are not letters, bad words, titles, ranks, and positions.


In Australia, there is a list of banned names that mostly includes titles and brand names. Bad words, long words, and words that include characters that are not in the English language cannot be used.

  • Banned names: #ROFL, LOL, iMac, Jesus Christ, Marijuana, Australia, Stan, Sister, God

The funniest thing about all these banned names is that all of them are on the banned list because some parents really wanted to name their children this way. Which of the names seemed the strangest to you?


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